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13:34 GMT 10-May-2016

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Important note:

Even internal use, including intranet, email sharing, etc requires licensing.

Clips supplied by media monitoring agencies are for private, personal review only and are neither intended, nor licensable, for any other use.

Reasons to publish your interview

  1. Publishing your interview on your company intranet, corporate website, and via approved social media sites captures and preserves the value of your television appearance.
  2. Publishing your interview online is a force-multiplier, magnifying the impact of your interview, extending its value across time, and delivering your message direct to your key target audiences, without ads.
  3. Publishing your interviews online allows your target audiences to watch the interview whenever they want and wherever they happen to be.
  4. Publishing your interviews online means you can share them via email or social media, website or Intranet.
  5. Publishing your interviews expands the reach of your brand and takes advantage of the prestige of having appeared on one of the world's best-known, most trusted, business news broadcasters.

Success stories

Here's a selection of companies we're working with and examples
of how they're showcasing licensed clips from Executive Interviews.


Heineken use a video wall of responsive broadcaster players in their newsroom which creates an impressive mosaic of broadcaster brands including CNN, Bloomberg and Sky News.


USAA is a strong showcase for our Multiplayer service with transcripts for each of the twenty or more videos on display.Tabs allow users to scroll between Bloomberg and Fox content.


UBS use our custom Multiplayer to showcase veteran Director of Floor Operations Art Cashin’s daily video updates from the floor of the NYSE on the bank’s Wealth Management website.


Prudential use their CEO interviews discussing their quarterly results. Prudential posts them in media players on their media centre, and shares our broadcaster branded players internally.

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